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Laser hair removal for men is on the increase, with a rising number every month. 
It is a non-invasive procedure to remove unwanted hair or to thin out excessive hair growth. 

Laser treatments are often used by sporting professionals (cyclists, runners and swimmers) and men from all walk of life.

Routine body hair removal can be considered a burdensome and  time-consuming task. For those that have suffered razor rashes, ingrowing hairs and unseemly hair follicle infections, Laser hair removal is an easy way to be free from these irritations. 

Increasingly men are keen to be rid of unwanted back and chest hair and laser is suitable for all skin tones and is a fast permanent solution to unwanted hair. There is no downtime to the treatment.

The most common areas treated are shoulders, back, chest, stomach, back of the earlobes and neck hair that tends to grow out and become more noticeable with age. 

Excess hair in men can be caused by high testosterone levels but can also be due to genetics and other factors. 

Laser hair removal works by treating the hair follicles with laser sessions once every 6 to 8 weeks. This procedure requires 7 to 10 sessions for optimal results. Maintenance treatments may be required

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