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Galvanic Iontophersis
High Frequency

Ultraderm Galvanic Facial

The Ultraderm Galvanic Facial treatment is specifically designed to maximise the effects of Desincrustation, Galvanism and High Frequency, to create visibly instant results.

Ultraderm is superior for flawlessly beautiful skin.


  • Deep cleansing action to remove waste toxins,  and promote the removal of oil, dead skin cells and excess sebum from skin.


  • Help the introduction of active customised gels and serums into the skin. Maximises the depth of product penetration, promotes hydration and increases cellular and  metabolic activity.

High Frequency

  •  Purifies the skin, dries excess sebum leaving an antibacterial layer  to combat pustular activity. Increase circulation, aids vasodilation.


  •  Facial massage and face mask tailored to suit all skin types


Ultraderm Galvanic treatment time 1 Hour 20 minutes.

Recommended fortnightly for oily skin types.

Recommended monthly for normal to dry.

Price £49

Course of five £220

High frequency treatments alone can also be used for neck, back and chest area for problem skin.

Price  £30