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Tara Green



Laser Clinic


Call Tara on 07780456917 or Elana on 07884351542

to discuss your treatment



At Tara Green Aesthetic & Laser Clinic we don’t have formal contracts with our patients but we do have terms and conditions which help you understand what to expect. Please take a little time to read them, which we hope will prove helpful.


Our treatments are only available to clients over the age of 16 years.


Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation with Tara, the length and nature of which, will depend on the treatment being discussed. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and receive advice on suitable treatments that will help you get the results you are hoping for. At the end of the consultation, we will give you a written quotation which will include information on how long treatment might take and the costs involved.



Your written quotation is valid for 3 months, the exceptions being changes to your particular treatment prices quoted during an offer period. If you are unsure, please confirm before starting your treatment.


Payment options

We aim to give you the best value for money possible. Most treatments may be paid for per appointment even if you are on a course of treatments. Laser Hair Removal – We occasionally offer discounts on courses of 7 treatments.


Laser treatments

Tara will advise you on the treatment price and the number of treatments we believe it might take. As each patient is different and responds differently to laser, it may take more treatments than quoted. Whilst laser treatment is effective in the majority of patients, a small percentage may fail to respond. Unfortunately, if you are a non-responder no refund will be given in respect of treatments already given.


Laser patch test

Before the commencement of your treatment and as part of your initial consultation, a free test patch will be carried out. Your patch test is a safety measure to check the laser settings and your response to them is correct.


Appointment reminders

If we have a current mobile number or email address, we will send an appointment reminder at least 48 hours in advance.


Cancellation charges

We ask for a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to refund any deposits paid in advance if enough notice isn’t given. A deposit of between £25 and £50 will be required to secure all bookings over the value of £50.



We kindly request that you do not bring children to your appointments unless you bring another adult with you who will care for them while you have treatment. Please note that children are not permitted to accompany you into the treatment room, and cannot be left alone as we are unable to look after/supervise them.



All patients of Tara Green Aesthetic & Laser Clinic can enjoy the benefits of our discretionary discounts, for example, referring a friend. Discounts cannot be added together. If you are entitled to a discount, you will be advised of the discount applicable to your next treatment. Please ask if you are unsure.


Events & promotions

Occasionally, Tara Green Aesthetic & Laser Clinic supports and sponsors events and offers vouchers that may be redeemed against treatment. Only one can be redeemed against a treatment. Unfortunately, these vouchers cannot be used during any offer period or if any other discount applies.

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